DATES: 22nd & 23rd of March 2016


LOCATION: Belgium, Brussels






Cool Supply Systems and Solutions - The 5th Annual Meeting

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"The fastest growing Time and Temperature Medicinal Controlled Shipments network in the world".


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An event by Pharma Dialogue, the Healthcare division of

The 5th Annual Brussels Cool Chain Network

Conference Description:

CSS 2016 is returning to Brussels for its 5th annual symposium. Described by 100s over the past 5 years as the most practical and content driven conference on Time and Temperature Controlled Shipments in pharma logistics. The 2016 program has been designed with the current realties of the industry.  That is to engage in case studies, best practice presentations and workshops dedicated to Good Distribution Practice in action.

The 2016 Agenda engages Time and Temperature Pharma logistics as an End to End concept, from dispatch to deliver.  Accounting for the modes of transport, handling of shipments at various points within the chain, while evaluating the best current results for implemented GDP requirements.  The 2016 program provides a unique and robust opportunity to engage IATA, PDA TR 72, GDP among other standards and guidelines.  And how such standards can serve as opportunities rather than threats to current logistics SOP's.  And precisely where and how to engage them in create opportunities.

While your learning has been guaranteed annually through a robust educational conference and workshops.  For 2016 PharmaDialogue is pleased to provide you with access into a GDP Compliant Exhibition floor catering to your END to End time and temperature logistical needs.

Why Should I Join?

The Brussels Cool Chain is the fastest growing network in the world dedicated to new and out of the box content for pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical logistics in medicinal products for human use.  All speakers present on unique abstracts and content dedicated to suggesting solutions for excising time and temperature logistics.  While key trends are engaged to create opportunities for mass education so the audience is made aware of wide-industry strategic directions.  Assuming as a logician you are focused on learning we advise you to join us.....

What can I except?

  1. Reducing data loggers from 16 to 3 per shipment, reducing pallet shipments from 5 to 1 while a 200%+ carton reduction usage.
  2. GDP in relation to other standards such as Hazardous requirements in international logistics or Parental Drug Association, World Health Organization & IATA among others.
  3. Engage to question how can a secondary airport benefit the patient´s safety?
  4. Good Distribution Practice Key Weak Audit Points: Assessed and Engage
  5. The switch from Air logistics to Sea Transport for time & temperature controlled medicinal products worldwide
  6. Validation of Transportation of lanes & Validation of Thermal Package and Containers Passive and Active
  7. Thermal Mapping and much more.....

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