Europe's No. 1 Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference


GDP - Time & Temperature Controlled Bio/Pharma Logistics


6th Annual Exchange Network, 23 & 24 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium


CSS 2017 has been designed with direct aid from practitioners and professionals dedicated to Time & Temperature Controlled Bio/Pharma logistics.  The influence and input of our steering group has been paramount in identifying new cold and or cool chain trends, blind spots within pharma logistics, deployment and certification. In addition, the major role CSS 2017 has played in the development of innovative technology and ideas has assisted in ensuring it provides a higher educational value than any other conference taking place in 2017.


95% of our quality commitment is focused on new content from key contributors such as Shipper Presenters, GDP Inspector Presentations, and educational interactive activities such as; Open Question Times and in-depth Master-Class Workshops among other key sessions. As you join CSS 2017, we offer you a guarantee that the educational and networking opportunity we provide, will ensure you continue to re-join us for many years to come. The program will clearly explore the current EU member state discrepancies, lack of harmonisation subject to each national regulatory requirements and how to engage global standardisation. Furthermore, this comprehensive conference will navigate the modi operandi of industry standard and its thorough working patterns and explore where you fit in, in relation to the new wave of trends for pharma logistics optimisation.   For instance GDP Certification provided to you by a Private Company is NOT the same as GDP Compliance subject to approval by State Regulators such as MHRA for United Kingdom or FAGG for Belgium.  Or what are WHO or IATA standards or how would you validate if you are have over invested in compliance.


The second focus is to create a highly rewarding networking opportunity by dedicating time to engage both premier and award winning GDP certified solution/service providers; in addition to 100+ bio/pharma companies, there are smaller to medium size companies with a reach culture of sharing.  CSS 2017 is Europe’s No. 1 Conference for Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics for such access. If you are intending to invest time on training and or learning, then look no farther.  When deciding where to visit for an in-depth educational course, and insider Bio/Pharma Logistics industry update, it is advisable that you join over 400 of your peers at CSS 2017.  For 2017 we have prepared Stream A: Bio/Pharma Logistics and Stream B: Medical Device Logistics. For full details and further information, you can simply complete the Agenda Download Enquiry Form.


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400+ Participants - 25 Premier Exhibitors - 20 Speakers - Stream A: Bio/Pharma Logistics - Stream B: Medical Devices Logistics

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