9th Cool Supply System & Solutions

CSS 2020



90+ Draft Topics, Two Streams Pharma Supply & Logistics, and Clinical Trial Supply


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25 & 26 of March 2020, Netherlands, Amsterdam


Commercial Supply & Logistics Stream:


CSS 2020

Key topics of consideration:


  1. Key challenges in managing total supply chain pharma visibility
  2. Reduced cost of transport while increasing efficiency and quality
  3. Managing the gap in relation to supplier KPI
  4. Qualification of 3PL, 4PL and key subcontractors
  5. The call for harmonisation of GDP, W.H.O, FDA or MHRA requirements
  6. Utilization of data to reduce overall last mile challenges
  7. Falsified Medicine Directive and the case for Serialization
  8. Pharma Supply Chain a case for 24/7 monitoring in pharma logistics
  9. Warehousing and Storage Systems subject to thermal mapping
  10. Air Container, Emerging Global Markets, validation, Active V Passive, Ocean V Land... & Much More... Download the Draft Agenda...


Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics Stream


CSS 2020

Key topics of consideration:


  1. An integrated computerised system in CTS
  2. Partnerships in CTS
  3. Real World Data a case in clinical trials
  4. Stock optimisation subject to clinical demand
  5. Evaluating an optimised approach to vendors and management
  6. Track and trace within the clinical trial supply
  7. Exploring your budget and how it should be spent with a clear approach to funding and priority spending
  8. Labelling as a constant challenge in clinical trials: daily global obstacles and discussion of preventative measures.
  9. Creating a worldwide, international focus in your clinical trial supply chains to ensure success as a world-wide portfolio.
  10. Comparators case in compliance and overcoming key obstacles

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90+ Topics, Past Speakers, Two Streams & much more...

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