GDP - Time & Temperature Controlled Bio/Pharma Logistics

6th Annual Exchange Network, 23 & 24 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium
Exhibition: Join Europe's No 1 GDP - Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference
CSS 2017 has been designed with direct aid from practitioners and professionals dedicated to Time & Temperature Controlled Bio/Pharma logistics. The influence and input of our steering group has been paramount in identifying new cold and or cool chain trends, blind spots within pharma logistics, deployment and certification . In addition, the major role CSS 2017 has played in the development of innovative technology and ideas has assisted in ensuring it provides a higher educational value than any other conference taking place in 2017.
Why Exhibit at the CSS 2017?
  • 400+ Participants 
  • 25 Premier Exhibitors 
  • 20 Speakers
  • Stream A: Bio/Pharma Logistics
  • Stream B: Medical Devices Logistics
Target Audience
Speaking Opportunities

Exclusive to Bio/Pharma

We are honored to invite colleagues from Bio/Pharma companies at the 6th Annual GDP and Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference. This year we are engaging 400+ participants and the focus is to explore current trends and discuss potential solutions to forthcoming cool chain obstacles for the next 12 - 18 months.

The Exhibition Conference is focused on two separate segments, the first are Shippers; who are current employees of Bio/Pharma companies interested to conduct a presentation or a workshop. While the second segment are Service & Solution Providers with GDP compliance capabilities able to provide a unique experience to the Bio/Pharma companies.

Benefit in Speaking:
1. Free access to entire conference, exhibition and networking as an important contributing member of the network
2. Free pass for your team to join the conference, exhibition and networking
3. Free personal access for you to a range of our other highly recommended associated programs: www.temperatuz.com – www.logidays.com – www.cts-supplies.com among other trainings provided worldwide.
4. Free access into all on-line Live Webinars for yourself and your team.
5. Free access into next year’s program
Value Proposition to Present or Speak:
1.  Associate your brand with excellence
2. Engage the audience and receive feedback on your strategy
3. Gain a reputation among a peer list of who is who
4. Deploy your procurement strategy, select or suggest a topic of your choice
5. Permit your company to be seen as a point of excellence

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Sample of Speaking Topics