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CSS 2018 (Cool Supply System & Solutions 2018) with hundreds of delegates has been in motion as an annual event for almost a decade, serving as a platform for premier Bio/Pharma companies globally for education, networking and to meet with Service and Solution Providers concerning Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics needs.


The focus is to create a highly rewarding educational conference, industry thought leadership and ample networking opportunities via dedicating time slots. The engagement is to create interaction among the top 100 bio/Pharma companies, as well as small to medium size manufacturing firms to meet with GDP certified solution/service providers. CSS 2018 is voted as No. 1 Global Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics conference for learning.


CSS 2018 will remain focused on our annual 95% or commitment to quality, majority Shipper Presenters and Speakers, GDP Inspectors, and key solution providers engaging the audience based on educational interactive presentations, workshops, panel engagements and Open Question Times.


It is our pleasure to include Kaltio Technologies as an official exhibitor. Kaltiot Smart Tracker records shipment conditions, location and shipment parties. Our technology is based on smart phone technology, wireless infra and battery-operated sensors which enable scalable tracking system globally without pre-built infrastructure.


Affordable sensor price enables end-to-end visibility since sensors can be placed even in single package.


Kaltiot provides sensors with data logging capability, which can store environmental condition data such as temperature, humidity and air pressure. Additionally, shock detection and vibration as upcoming features. Smart Tracker application transfers the data from sensor automatically in the background to our cloud service when sensor is near smart phone.


This is enabled without Bluetooth pairing and manual actions from user.

Customers can access the data or integrate it with their operative systems by utilizing Kaltiot Smart Tracker Cloud API. Kaltiot Smart Tracker sensor service includes tools for data visualisation.



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Evdokia Gerasimou


Marketing Manager