Time & Temperature controlled pharmaceutical logistics exhibition conference

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21ST & 22ND of March 2019

CSS 2019: 8TH Cool Supply System & Solutions 2019


1) Networking Peer-To-Peer across the top 100 Pharma/Biopharma companies gathering in Amsterdam on 21st and 22nd of March 2019.


2) Direct Benchmarking: identify key weakness and blind points within the pharma logistics chain.


3) Supply Chain Big Data: a robust methodology in engage in big DATA pharma logistics optimization and improve value chain.


4) Unlock serialization challenges subject to current requirements


5) Novel trends in thermal packaging, cold chain validation, passive V active in relation to cost and reducing deviation.


6) Thermal mapping, vehicle calibration, GDP Audits, IATA, FDA, W.H.O insights and much more...


Join a list of who is who, meet the pharma logistics professionals from a wide range of companies at CSS 2019, and engage to uncover current key topics in relation to emerging trends...


Join CSS to develop your key contacts, address your educational needs and learn to implement from practical cases and shared experiences.  Your guide to pharma logistics and storage for 2019!


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CSS 2019, 8th Annual Cool Chain Exhibition

And many more...

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