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Next Generation Supply Chain Digitalization and Optimization in Commercial and Clinical supply chains


By Carl Spörri, Chief Marketing Officer at Modum.



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Carl Spörri is Chief Marketing Officer at Modum. In this role, he is responsible the product portfolio, as well as marketing and communications. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has over 10 years experience in management consulting in various industries. His background gives him both the technical edge as well as a keen sense for market needs.

Carl Spörri, Chief Marketing Officer, modum.io AG, Switzerland

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Next Generation Supply Chain Digitalization and Optimization in Commercial and Clinical supply chains:


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Modum’s view - current state of the supply chain for sensitive goods, where it is headed and how to approach the related challenges Shift to personalized treatments and its impact on the supply chain – how emerging technologies can support both commercial and clinical logistics


Using blockchain to drive supply chain automation- based on cases and applications at Modum


Data driven insights using AI for supply chain optimization – based on cases and applications at Modum

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About Modum


In 2016, the Zurich-based modum.io AG was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Modum is committed to be the measure of all things when it comes to transforming global supply chains into transparent, trusted and efficient digital ecosystems. Based on trusted data, Modum creates reliable and innovative solutions to monitor, automate and optimize supply chains for sensitive goods, which can be applied over a wide range of applications in various industries. Modum collaborates with global technology partners such as SAP and AWS, as well as with business partners including Swiss Post, to ensure that their solutions are fit-for-purpose and meet market needs.


Our team is the best in its class, curious and passionate, and is looking forward to helping our customers reaching their supply chain digitalization goals.


Yves Holenstein, Sales & Account Manager, modum.io AG, Switzerland

Modum Testimonial


“As a cutting edge solution provider, Modum is positioned to offer a wide range of organisations future proof supply chain digitalization solutions. We worked with Business Dialogue on the 4th Temperatuz exhibition-conference in Barcelona and began by sponsoring the conference as a test – the experience has been very positive as the organisers facilitated engaging with colleagues that have actual needs for our services and solutions. We recommend business dialogue, and invite you to join Carl Spoerri, our Chief Marketing Officer at the pharma supply chain optimisation webinar, organised by business dialogue and offered to pharma logistics community for free.”



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