PICK TO LIGHT, based in Oñate (Basque Country), was founded in 2002 as part of AIOI Systems (Japan).  AIOI SYSTEMS was founded in Tokyo in 1984, and has been involved in the Pick-to-Light business for 35 years. It is currently the industry leader in Europe and Asia and is actively expanding worldwide. There are over three million picking devices operating in over 30 countries.

Pick To Light has developed a reputation as a Paperless system subject to digital and faultless system where operations and equipment within Warehouse and Distribution can be streamed line so to reduce extensive costs while increasing efficiency.  Current portfolio of companies benefiting from  Logistics Engineering, Plug & Pick or Robust Ergonomic Flexibility include small to global organizations such as Dr ESTEVE a global top 100 pharmaceutical company, SYFANOPE, VIA FARMA or Kuehne & Nagel a global forwarder and UPS HEALTH ITALY. Through an innovative service and solution lines Pick To Light Systems is now focused on zero human error and traceability of products from dispatch to delivery.