TService: Your partner in the field of temperature registration and monitoring


CSS 2018 (Cool Supply System & Solutions 2018) with hundreds of delegates has been in motion as an annual event for almost a decade, serving as a platform for premier Bio/Pharma companies globally for education, networking and to meet with Service and Solution Providers concerning Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics needs.


The focus is to create a highly rewarding educational conference, industry thought leadership and ample networking opportunities via dedicating time slots. The engagement is to create interaction among the top 100 bio/Pharma companies, as well as small to medium size manufacturing firms to meet with GDP certified solution/service providers. CSS 2018 is voted as No. 1 Global Time & Temperature Controlled Logistics conference for learning.


CSS 2018 will remain focused on our annual 95% or commitment to quality, majority Shipper Presenters and Speakers, GDP Inspectors, and key solution providers engaging the audience based on educational interactive presentations, workshops, panel engagements and Open Question Times.


It is our pleasure to include TService as an official exhibitor, your partner in the field of temperature registration and monitoring.


Many of ther products are used to meet a requirement or multiple requirements as stated in the guidelines relevant to your sector, such as HACCP and GDP. These guidelines, and associated product choices, are not always obvious. They naturally help our customers by telephone or by e-mail when there are questions or ambiguities before and / or after the purchase of a product.


For more information about the Conference Agenda, Participants List and Exhibition Opportunities, visit our website http://www.cold-gdp.com/exhibition.html or contact us: enquiry@cold-gdp.com



Evdokia Gerasimou


Marketing Manager